mandala gallery

The mandalas in this slideshow have been created by me, or by participants in my classes.


Noun.  Sanskrit.

"Sacred Circle"


"Easy to understand for people from any background.  Jean's personality is warm and inviting and supportive."  -- Laura Schoff

"It was a totally new and unique experience for me; it was fantastic."  -- Regina McConaghy

"I was with my granddaughter and friend.  The friend was from Spain and Jean did a wonderful job making the class meaningful for her." -- Sally Terrell

"Jean has a very calming voice, easy to go into meditation and within to discover what is to reveal."  - - Leah O'Barski 

"It was an honor to be here . . . a chance to get together with like-minded people." - - Helen Schaal

"I welcomed the centering."  - - Susan Parsons

"The environment was conducive to allow creativity and vulnerability.  It was very warm and friendly."  - - Karen Quicker

"I liked that we were all able to open up about our spirituality.  It opened my eyes and heart to other thoughts and possibilities."  - - Abbi Landrum

"I liked how there was no right or wrong, and how thoughts changed and developed as I drew."  - - Karen Sigl

"Relaxing and insightful.  I loved all the sharing."  - - Vicki Fresen

"[What I liked most was] the opportunity to nurture myself and my spiritual path."  - - Carrie Bohman